Archbishop Emeritus of Guadalajara, Emmo. Mr. Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez.

 “Great movie! Advertise it, let the whole world see it because it is a true history lesson, not fictional”.

Opinion of Father Eduardo Michel Flores, Bible scholar.

“If I had to choose, the best thing for me was the characterization of the main characters, the performance of the actor who plays the saint is excellent, the message is unsurpassed. The faith lived and transmitted by the family, the courage and determination shown by the young man who plays Saint José Sánchez del Río, the film moved me to tears on several occasions.“

Jaime Cedillo Bolívar, pro-life and pro-family leader.

“Exciting and really moving from the start, it will surely make you vibrate like me. It is a film that will bear many fruits in our country and will touch many hearts, especially young people.”

Felipe Monroy. Journalist and film critic.

“A great and uplifting work of art, for freedom in t5he face of powers that seek to oppress liberties, which changes the lives of all of those who watch this film”

Ligia Higareda, from Sahuayo, daughter of the Notary of the cause of beatification of José Sánchez del Río.

“The film is beautiful. Very attached to reality about the life of JOSELITO. He left me very reflective to correct my life and set a good example. Shocking, beautiful, perfect.”

Felipe Monroy, Journalist, film critic.

“A true treasure of emotions, a message easily given about what our history, our faith and the way of seeing life implies.”

Martha Moreno. Writer

“His brief life gave everything he had and reached the highest peaks of holiness. He lived the passion of Christ. His sacrifice continues and will continue to bear fruit.”

Guillermo Mendoza Tarré. Writer

“I reiterate my conviction about appreciating in the project a height of vision that naturally refers to the ultimate transcendence: Eternal life. The conditions of transcendence are Truth, Good and Beauty. This film meets these three conditions.”

Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Guadalajara Hon. Bishop Manuel González Villaseñor.

“When The Passion of the Christ, by Mel Gibson, came out, Pope John Paul saw it and said: ‘That’s how it was. And right now we see this film and we say: That’s how it was.”

Fernando Guzmán Pérez Peláez, President of the Miguel Palomar y Vizcarra Foundation.

“Extraordinary film by Laura and Antonio Peláez, from San José Sánchez del Río, “Mirando al Cielo” shows us the spiritual and cultural heritage of an adolescent who had a very clear goal of life in the hard times of persecution and the Christian . Do not miss it!”

Father Juan Salvador Gomez Parr. Sta. Margarita Maria Alacoque.

“It was beyond what I thought, I found it very moving, more than once I wanted to cry, it has magnificent photography and beautiful dialogues, and most importantly, it is very attached to his life.”

Karen Ahued, pro-life leader.

“I loved the movie. It touched my heart, it’s super well done and it totally hooks you. In addition, each sentence of Joselito and his parents taught me something.”

Mauricio González Paul, Director of the Lyceum School.

“Young people need role models, heroes to imitate. The way José is presented is a great achievement of the film, it is ground gold so that all the young people see that it is possible and they identify with José.”