During the religious persecution in Mexico, from 1926 to 1929, José Sánchez del Río, a 13-year-old boy, and the youngest son of one of the most respected families in his hometown Sahuayo, ask for his parents’ blessing to enlist in the cristeros army in order to fight in defense of their faith against the federal army of President Calles. In a heroic act during one of the battles, is captured to save the life of his general and brought to his town to be executed for charges of high treason. The paradox of the story, is that the highest authority of the town who had to give the order for his execution, is the deputy Rafael Picazo… Jose’s godfather.

Looking at heaven is a film of love, forgiveness and betrayal, inspired by true events. A story that regardless gender or age will captivate the viewer’s attention from the first moment, an entertaining and hard moving story, where a family’s love for God was stronger than their fears.

“Mirando al Cielo” is one of the many wonderful stories that exist in Mexico. A film that will make you reflect, laugh and cry, and make you walk through the light of faith and mysteries of God. As a filmmaker, one looks for stories worth being told, seen and heard, and I must confess that when I heard for the first time the story of this young Mexican martyr, I could nothing else than how to bring his story to the screens.

There are stories that are seen, heard and gone, but “Looking at heaven” will stay in the hearts of people for a long time. It will be a movie that will give a lot to talk about, and will be very difficult to forget.

– Antonio Peláez. Writer & Director



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